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REMEDY for Companion Animals

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We know your pets are part of the family, which is why we created REMEDY for your companion animal! REMEDY Companion CBD is Veterinarian recommended and approved.
    Administer with confidence! Our products never contain THC and are safe for the whole family–even the furry members!

    Why Our Customers Love REMEDY!

    "We have an arthritic dog who has bilateral elbow dysplasia and needs a double hip replacement. The orthopedic surgeon said 'I cannot in clear conscience give this dog a hip replacement despite her xrays when she is moving around pain free.' That's because of your product, REMEDY!"

    Satisfied Customer

    • Directions for Use

      Distribute orally with applicator or on your pet’s food before they eat.

      Recommended Dosage:

      5 Mg per 10 lbs. of weight up to 2x/day.

      10 lbs - .25ml/cc

      20lbs - .50ml/cc

      30lbs - .75ml/cc

      40lbs - 1ml/cc

      50lbs - 1.25ml/cc

      60lbs - 1.50ml/cc

      70lbs - 1.75ml/cc

      80lbs and up - 2ml/cc

    • Ingredients

      Active Ingredients Per Serving:

      CBD Isolate: .5 mL = 10.58 mg

      1 mL = 21.15 mg